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Park: Central Gym Park adjacent to Richard R. Green Central Elementary School

Location: 34th St. and 4th Ave. S.

Type: Transition with Street Perimeter – Design 2022, build 2023

About City of Skate and Central Skatepark:

A mission of City of Skate is to make Minneapolis the best skateboard city in North America with numerous public skate-spaces and skateparks designed for skaters, by skaters.

Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board has a long-term partnership with City of Skate to be their lead partner implementing the Minneapolis Skate Park Activity Plan, which was approved in January 2018. The Skate Park Plan calls for 20+ skate-spaces of various styles and sizes throughout Minneapolis.

Our skatepark project at Central Skatepark which has already been recognized by the Tony Hawk led foundation The Skatepark Project with their top grant for Spring 2018. The Central Neighborhood and Green Central Elementary School are one of Minneapolis’s most diverse communities, along with a high percentage of youth. We intend for this new skatepark to motivate a next generation of skateboarders within a welcoming community space that includes local art and fully landscaped.

The Central Skatepark project is currently under design and will emphasize paisley and purple to honor Minneapolis’ own PRINCE who graduated(1976) from Central High School which occupied the skatepark site until 1982, when Green Central Elementary was built. Currently seeking a capstone final funding partner(s) with ground breaking ceremony, and immediate completion.

ESPN/X Games initiated the design work for Central Skatepark and this project was to be a Legacy Skatepark during their 4 year visit to Minneapolis. Minneapolis hosted X Games 2017 thru 2019 (2020 COVID-19 canceled), leading to the doorstep of the Tokyo 2021 Olympics where Men’s and Women’s skateboarding was a primetime featured event(s).

Tax dollars should be the base funding for these public skateparks, but private partnerships and foundations will help leverage tax dollars to make the highest quality skateparks possible. Contributions to date for this $500,000+ project:

  1. $250,000 2018 Hennepin County Youth Sports Grant.
  2. TBD Contribution from Minneapolis Parks & Recreation.
  3. $25,000 Tony Hawk Foundation Top Grant Spring 2018.
  4. ESPN/X Games for Design & Build Documents.
  5. Trees, shrubs, & plants – In Kind Donations from Bailey Nurseries Inc.
  6. Designed by California Skateparks – the premier skatepark design/builder who is also designed and built the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Skateboard Facilities.

City of Skate is seeking immediate partners for the Central Skatepark project, along with on-going partnerships to sustain multiple skatepark projects coordinated with skateboard programming for youth. Beyond Minneapolis, City of Skate is already receiving inquires for consulting and assistance from municipalities statewide and nationally.

We look forward to discussing our non profit and our mission.