Here are some of the things City of Skate and its partners have accomplished since its founding in 2013.


  • July 2023. City of Skate is featured in Skateboarding Power and Change by Dr. Indigo Willing and Anthony Pappalardo.
  • Advocated for the MN State Skatepark Grant program.
  • May 2023. Partnered with St. Paul Parks to fund, design, build and establish Dayton’s Bluff Pop Up. 
  • March 30, 2023. First ever Skatepark Advocacy Day at the MN State Capital.


  • Helped reestablish the Bde Maka Ska Pop-Up skatepark with MPRB and the Minneapolis skateboard community.
  • February–May 2022. Advocating for the full $15M funding of the established MN State Skate Park Grant program.
  • 2021–2022. Help lead community engagement for the concept, design and build of the Painter Park Skatepark. Build scheduled for summer 2023.
  • November 2022. Helped fund the Battle Creek rec. center mini ramp along with St. Paul Parks.


  • November 2021. Successfully lobbied the City of Minneapolis in the changing of zoning code to include public skateparks as a permitted obstruction within front and side yard setbacks.
  • July 2021. Opening of the Elliot Park Skate Plaza. Minneapolis’s first all concrete, custom skatepark with integrated water management, permeable paver patio, lighting and fully landscaped with the addition of 10 trees and 225 plants.
  • Summer 2021. – Worked with local skate community and MPRB to find a location to continue Bde Maka Ska Pop-up skate space. Look for new space and features early summer 2022.



  • December 2019. Advocated and secured a $200,000 Hennepin County Youth Sports Program Grant to complete the funding for the Elliot Skate Plaza in East Downtown Minneapolis. Build early 2020.
  • August–October 2019. Helped establish and program the Juxtaposition Skateable Art Plaza with “Drop In” sessions to help support, mentor, and encourage local youth skateboarders.
  • May 2019. Completed the Juxtaposition Skateable Art Plaza in the heart of North Minneapolis with multiple community partners. This project contains the first ever licensed, custom concrete skateboard features in the City of Minneapolis, along with water management gardens, and public plaza space for art, music, and social interaction. This skate spot will serve the area community and be a leading example of activating public spaces by embracing skateboarding vs. banning or discouraging this creative activity.
  • March–May 2019. Initiated $8.25M MN Statewide Skate Park Grant Bill to help communities throughout Minnesota fund quality public skateparks. Chief Authors – Sen. Scott Dibble, Sen. Karin Housley, Rep. Tama Theis, and Rep. Dan Wolgamott.
  • February 2019. MPRB approves 5 new skateparks within their North Minneapolis Parks Master Plan.


  • 2018. $250,000 approved for the expansion and improvement of Elliot Skatepark working in collaboration with Elliot Park Neighborhood Inc.
  • 2018. $40,000 Contribution from ESPN-X Games for the design and build documents for Central Skatepark.
  • March 2018. City of Skate awarded a top grant of $25,000 toward Central Skatepark from the Tony Hawk Foundation.
  • 2018. Completion of the MPRB Skate Park Activity Plan that calls for 18 new skate parks throughout the Minneapolis Park system. Plan initiated in 2013 by initial City of Skate board.
  • 2017–2018. Initiated a proposed bill in the State of Minnesota Legislature for a $5M state-wide skate park grant program. Sponsored by Rep. Paul Thissen and Senator Scott Dibble.


  • December 2017. Partnered with Juxtaposition Arts on a North Minneapolis Community Skate-able Art Plaza with $50,000 of funding from MN Super Bowl Host Committee.
  • 2017. Helped to secure a $250,000 Hennepin County Youth Sports Grant for the Central Gym Skate Park. Design and build 2018.
  • October 25th, 2017. Completion of St. Louis Park Carpenter Skate Park by CA Skateparks design and build.
  • 2017. Assists in community design process of Central Gym Skatepark
  • 2017. Skatepark(s) designation in completion of MPRB Master Plans for Downtown Service Area and Bde Maka Ska – Harriet Regional Park


  • 2016. City of Skate advises City of St. Louis Park on Carpenter Skatepark and helps secure additional $100,000 from Hennepin County Youth Sports Grant program.
  • 2016. City of Skate works with Sports Minneapolis to bring X Games to Minneapolis 2017 thru 2020.
  • 2016. 4 Skateparks designation in the completion of the MPRB Master Plan for South Service Area.
  • 2016. City of Skate officially partners with MPRB in a long-term effort to improve and expand Minneapolis Skateparks.

2015 & Earlier

  • 2015. MPRB Approves Skatepark Site at Lake Nokomis Community Center.
  • 2014. MPRB Approves Skatepark Site at NE Park.
  • 2014. City of Skate was named a finalist for the Saint Paul Knight Arts Challenge. City of Skate submitted a proposal for a Skateable Art Plaza on Harriet Island.
  • 2013. Initiate Minneapolis Park Recreation Board Skate Park Activity Plan.