Support $15M Matching Grants for Minnesota Public Skate Parks

Touching all corners of the state, the 2022 $15M Minnesota Skate Park Grant Program initiated by City of Skate and led by the Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission, will fuel a skatepark infrastructure initiative that will catalyze the construction of $30M of world class public skate parks throughout Minnesota.

How to Get Involved

Contact your MN State Senator and MN House Representative TODAY. Let your elected officials know you support skateboarding and value quality skate parks in our communities. The 2022 MN Legislative Session ended May 23rd, and we hope a “Special Session” is called in the weeks ahead to pass funding for this MN Skate Park Grant program within the 2022 MN Bonding Bill.

ASK YOUR MN Senator and Representative to FUND and PASS the MN State Skate Park Grant program HF2876/SF2502.


Senator & Representative,

My name is _____ and I am writing to ask for your support of the Minnesota State Skate Park Grant Bill (SF2502/HF2876).

As your constituent, I want to ask for your support of the $15M Minnesota State Skate Park Grant bill SF2502/HF2876. This $15M matching grant program will result in over $30M of investment in Minnesota youth, community improvement and infrastructure jobs through construction and industry.

Our district could benefit from this project with a new, high-quality public skate park, as would numerous other Minnesota communities that are in need of the accessible and inclusive recreation opportunities that skate parks provide. 

The data shows, and I can verify from my own experience, that skateparks help build and sustain healthy communities. They become gathering places for dedicated, athletic youth, much like soccer fields and ballparks. They provide opportunities for interaction and competition among skaters of all ages, beginners and advanced, to meet and share experiences. For many skateboarding youth, the skatepark becomes their third place – their safe place. 

I ask that you support this youth-centered, community-building bill, and as my elected representatives, I urge you to sign on as Authors, support and fund SF2502/HF2876 in the 2022 MN Bonding Bill.

Thank you for your commitment to strengthening our community and to the health and well-being of Minnesota’s youth.

Sincerely, your constituent in District ___ 

(Name, Date)

About the MN State Skate Park Grant Program

This program provides matching funds for new, larger quality public skate park construction and supports much needed public skate park renovations throughout the state of Minnesota. In October 2020, the MN State Legislature and Gov. Walz passed a bonding bill that included a MN State Skate Park Grant program, but funded at only $250,000. Please continue to advocate in 2022 with your MN State Senator and Representative to FULLY FUND and PASS the $15M Skate Park Grant program during their Spring 2022 Legislative Session.

A fully funded 2022 MN matching program of $15M would provide –

  • $8M for COMMUNITY SKATE PARKS of 10,000 to 20,000 SQ/FT with matching funds of up to $350,000. Increasing accessibility to quality public skate parks to all of Minnesota.
  • $4.5M for REGIONAL SKATE PARKS of 20,000 to 30,000 SQ/FT with matching grants of up to $1M. Large public skate parks with a regional impact offering challenge and styles for all skaters.
  • $2.5M for a STATEWIDE and NATIONAL DRAW SKATE PARK – 50,000 to 80,000 SQ/FT with a matching grant of $2.5M. Offering space and challenges for beginners to world class skateboarders. Example skate parks: Arvada, COHouston, Des Moines, and San Diego.

*To the extent possible the MN Amateur Sports Commission will make grants in a geographically diverse manner.

The Value of Skate Parks