This Wednesday 10/2 the Minneapolis Park and Recreation will consider projects to request for the 2020 Hennepin County Youth Sports Grants. Lucky for us, skateparks are eligible for this grant for up to $300,000. Unlucky for us, the Mpls. Parks and Recreation are not placing a priority on Elliot Skate Plaza with these grants.

Please take a moment to contact Mpls Parks Commissioners to voice your support for seeking more funding for Elliot Skate Plaza through the Henn. Co. Youth Sports Grants. Let our Commissioners know that Elliot is important to you and you would like to see the quality skateparks that we have been talking about and requesting for years and year, completed.

Key Commissioners to contact via email Committee Chair Chris MeyerVice Chair Latrisha Vetaw – Elliot Park Commissioner Jono Cowgill – AND all Commissioners should hear from skateboard supporters. If you email any one Commissioner with Cc’ed or Bc’ed in, we will forward your email to all MPRB Commissioners.

Also, to make a BIG impact, show up and make a brief statement during the Weds. 10/2 meeting Open Time at 5:30pm sharp. Here is the details on “Open Time” from the MPRB site – Persons wishing to speak can call in before 3:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting by calling 612-230-6400 to be placed on the agenda or can sign up at the Board meeting prior to the start of “Open Time” at 5:30pm. MPRB Meetings take place at MPRB HQ at 2117 West River Rd N, Minneapolis, MN 55411

Commissioners seeing and hearing from our large and diverse skateboard community makes an impression.

Elliot Skatepark has long been a epicenter to Hennepin County skaters and we can not think of a more appropriate current project that would benefit more from this Youth Grant.

Thank you for your advocacy and support!