Burnsville, MN – Lions Club Skatepark – 2016

Community Skatepark Project

  • Dean Mulso, Recreation Facilities Manager

  • Designer – Stantec

  • Builder – Custom Builders and California Skateparks

  • Would you recommend your designer/builder? Yes

  • Approx. Cost – $350,000

  • Year Completed – 2016

  • Email – dean.mulso@burnsvillemn.gov

Your Skatepark Amenities

  • All Concrete

  • Lighting

  • Restroom access

  • Drinking water source

  • Shade structure

  • Public seating, Resting area(s), Observation area

  • Skate Bowl

  • Garbage/Recycle Bins

  • Mini-Ramp

Is your community skatepark project a success and/or a good value for the cost of investment?


Has your community skatepark location/site workout well? Would you change or make suggestions on favorable site locations?

Ours has worked out great – no changes

Please provide skatepark user observations/estimates

  • Daily # users – approx. 50

  • Use Before 12Noon – 5%

  • Use 12Noon-6PM – 50%

  • Use After 6PM – 45%

  • Male – 98%

  • Female – 2%

  • 12yrs & under – no idea

  • 13-19yrs old – no idea

  • 20yrs & over – no idea

  • Skateboard Use – 80%

  • BMX Bike Use – 1%

  • Scooter Use% – 19%

  • RollerBlade/RollerSkate Use – unsure

  • Other observations/comments on USE – All these numbers are a total guess as we do not track any of this information

Briefly describe your skatepark facilities maintenance needs and estimated yearly costs?

Mainly removing graffiti. Less than $2,000.00 so far.

If your community were to redo or start over on your skatepark project, what would you do differently?


Does your municipality show a need and/or would you consider a larger or another skatepark facility?

No the City would not expand without the users helping to fundraise as they did when this one was built. It would be expansion only and not another park if it happened. We feel we have met the needs of the Burnsville Community.

What have you experienced and observed as barriers to providing quality skateboard facilities?

The users themselves. Many are great kids, but there are still a lot of them that are disrespectful to any authority asking them to follow the rules, etc.

Any additional thoughts/ideas to help communities provide quality skateparks?


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