The two Hennepin Commissioners who represent the Elliot Park Neighborhood and to contact via emailAngela Conley and Marion Greene.

Your support is needed again for the Elliot Skate Plaza!

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board has moved the Elliot project forward for consideration for a Hennepin County Youth Program Grant of $245,000. Thank you to all that emailed and spoke directly to the MPRB Board last month. The skate supporters were heard, listened to, and MPRB acted.

Elliot Skate Plaza can be the first of the 20+ skateparks and skatespots that the MPRB has already approved locations for. It is important our skate community is heard, and that we finally see the results of the skatespaces our skateboard community has been advocating for years and decades.

Please take a moment to contact the Hennepin County Commissioners who represent the Elliot Park Neighborhood, to voice your support for granting the FULL additional funding of $245,000 via the Hennepin County Youth Grant. Please let the Hennepin County Commissioners know that Elliot is important to you and you would like to see a quality skatepark at Elliot Park.

Express the importance of Elliot Skatepark and skateboarding to you and our community.

Commissioners seeing and hearing directly from YOU makes an impression.

Elliot Skatepark has long been a epicenter to Hennepin County skaters and we can not think of a more appropriate current project that would benefit more from this Youth Grant program.

Thank you for your advocacy and support!