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On November 3, 2020 Minnesota will hold elections for ALL seats in the Minnesota State Senate and the Minnesota State House of Representatives.

City of Skate sent a Questionnaire to candidates to inform them and to allow for them to communicate their view on skateboarding, skateparks and their support of the MN State Skate Park Grant* matching program.

*NOTE – After the questionnaire and the candidate responses, the MN State Skate Park Grant matching program was voted into the 2020 MN Bonding Bill signed by Gov. Walz on Weds. 10/21. We hope this initial program will be fully funded and supported in the years ahead by our Minnesota elected officials.

Please review the responses from your Senate and House candidates to gauge their support for quality public skateparks in your communities and throughout Minnesota.
All MN candidates were given the opportunity to participate in this City of Skate candidate questionnaire. As a non profit City of Skate does not endorse candidates.

Please vote TODAY or on Nov. 3rd, and continue to encourage your MN state and local public representatives to support Minnesota skateboarding.

Find your MN Senate and MN House District Here

Candidate Response

District 7 7B Liz Olson DFL

District 14 14A Tama Theis R14A Tami Calhoun DFL14B Paul Brandmire R

District 15 15 Brent Krist DFL

District 16 Joshua Prine DFL16A Doria Drost DFL16B Mindy Kimmel DFL

District 18 18B Heather Bakke DFL District 21 21A Matt Bruns DFL

District 22 22A Chris Baumberger DFL District 24 24 Roger Steinkamp DFL

District 25 25B Liz Boldon DFL

District 27 27A Thomas Martinez DFL27B Jeanne Poppe DFL

District 28 28B Jordan Fontenello DFL

District 29 29 Chris Brazelton DFL29A Renee Candarelle DFL

District 35 35 David L. Nelson DFL  District 37 37 Jerry Newton DFL

District 38 38A Kris Fredrick DFL District 39 39A Ann Mozey DFL

District 40 40 Chris Eaton DFL District 41 41B Sandra Feist DFL

District 45 45 Ann Rest DFL District 47 47 Addie Miller DFL

District 48 48 Steve Cwodzinski DFL48B Holley Link R

District 49 49 Melisa Lopez Franzen49B Joe Thalman R

District 54 54 Karla Bingham DFL

District 55 55 Eric Pratt R 55B Andrea Nelsen DFL

District 61 61 Scott Dibble DFL District 65 65 Sandy Pappas DFL

District 66 66 Greg Copeland R66B Mikki Murray R