The existing Elliot skatepark in downtown Minneapolis was completely renovated in 2021 with all-new concrete elements for a variety of skill levels and good flow even when crowded. The skatepark is concrete with landscaping, a permeable patio, lighting, and an expanded footprint. Along with the water management rain gardens, 225 plants and 10 new trees were added in this space.

The following community contributors made Elliot Skate Park Possible:

Opened on July 22, 2021. Grand Opening Celebration was on Friday, August 6th.

MPRB Elliot Park Project Page


The Elliot skatepark is on the east side of downtown Minneapolis, two blocks south of the football stadium. There is plenty of metered parking nearby, although it can be hard to find a parking spot in the evenings when the skatepark and soccer field are busy.

Elliot Park
901 South 8th Street
Minneapolis, MN

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