Plymouth, MN – Plymouth Creek Park – 2012

Community Skatepark Project

  • Diane Evans, Director

  • Designer – Action Sports Design

  • Builder – W Gohman Construction and California Skateparks

  • Would you recommend your designer/builder? Yes

  • Approx. Cost – $210,000

  • Year Completed – 2011

  • Email –

Skatepark Amenities

  • Concrete – Primary Hard Surface of Facility

  • Lighting

  • Restroom access

  • Shade structure

Is your community skatepark project a success and/or a good value for the cost of investment?

Very heavily used amenity and well worth the investment.

Has your community skatepark location/site workout well? Would you change or make suggestions on favorable site locations?

Good location – very visible from major road.

Please provide skatepark user observations/estimates.

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Briefly describe your skatepark facilities maintenance needs and estimated yearly costs?

Occasional concrete patching, very minimal

If your community were to redo or start over on your skatepark project, what would you do differently?


Does your municipality show a need and/or would you consider a larger or another skatepark facility?

Consider adding amenities – eg: bowl

What have you experienced and observed as barriers to providing quality skateboard facilities?

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Any additional thoughts/ideas to help communities provide quality skateparks?

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