Help Elliot Skate Plaza Receive a 2020 Hennepin County Youth Sports Grant to Fund Build

  The two Hennepin Commissioners who represent the Elliot Park Neighborhood and to contact via email – Angela Conley and Marion Greene. Your support is needed again for the Elliot Skate Plaza! The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board has moved the Elliot project forward for consideration for a Hennepin County Youth Program Grant of $245,000. […]

Speak Up For Funding Support at Elliot Skate Plaza

This Wednesday 10/2 the Minneapolis Park and Recreation will consider projects to request for the 2020 Hennepin County Youth Sports Grants. Lucky for us, skateparks are eligible for this grant for up to $300,000. Unlucky for us, the Mpls. Parks and Recreation are not placing a priority on Elliot Skate Plaza with these grants. Please […]

JXTA Skateable Art Plaza Host – Apply Today!

JXTA Skate Plaza Host(s) Role and Duties 1) Help create and maintain a positive, skate-friendly environment. Address, redirect, and intervene with plaza users if necessary, to maintain a positive environment that is welcoming to all. 2) Loan out and manage skateboards and helmets to users of the plaza, using provided skateboards and helmets. 3) Maintain […]

Juxtaposition Skate-able Art Plaza

The making of the Juxtaposition Arts Skate-able Art Plaza in North Minneapolis. A community public space that welcomes skateboarding, along with other multi-use activities.

Minnesota Skatepark Grants – NOW is the time to get involved!

“Skateboarding requires bravery, discipline, learning strategies, goal-setting and grit, and skateparks are where that happens. What more would we want from a park?” says Peter Whitley, program director for the Tony Hawk Foundation. – FIND and CONTACT your MN State House and MN State Senator representatives – To help our Minnesota cities and park programs […]

Public Skateparks Create Community

Minnesota Skateboarders share the importance and value of public skateparks to their communities. Support and help fund quality skateparks. Advocate for the 2020 $8.25M MN State Skate Park Grant bill. Info at - Filmed by Tim Fulton, Kevin Horn, and Dallas Currie

Watch Concrete Dreams: a 3 part documentary about skatepark advocacy

  To see all sides of skatepark advocacy, watch these videos. This series shows a skatepark being created from conception to completion in three segments taking place over a decade. Using verite documentary footage, interviews, archival video, and photos of community meetings and fundraisers, an engaging storyline that shows how dreams can become reality even if the […]