2022 Candidate Survey

Describe your personal experience with skateboarding.

I am not a skateboarder and never have been, nor do I know anyone that is. My perception of skateboarding is likely more positive than many with no firsthand experience however, as I tend to view it similarly to other alternative sports. We mountain bike and ride trails in our house, and it seems enthusiasts of each are similar.

Can you do a kick flip?


Do the communities you would represent have quality, accessible, visible skateboarding spaces?

We have one park in Alexandria, but could use more in the rest of the district.

Do you see the connection between skateboarding and social, racial, gender, and economic equity? If so, please share a few thoughts.

Yes, skateboarding seems to bring out a variety of people interested in it, and whence I see them at the skate park, they're always supportive and encouraging of one another.

How will you support youth and community health with new ideas and infrastructure?

I currently sit on my city's parks board and we are always entertaining public input on new kinds of infrastructure. I will continue to seek community input on ideas like this.

Will you support fully funding the Minnesota Skate Park Grant Program (SF2502/HF2876) in the 2023 Legislative session and beyond?