2022 Candidate Survey

Describe your personal experience with skateboarding.

I am not personally a skateboarder and I don’t have any close friends or family members who skateboard, but my perception of skateboarding has almost always been positive. As an educator, I see the positive effects of skateboarding on students. It creates an opportunity for an individual to dedicate themselves to learning skills, get outside their comfort zone, and connect with new people.

Can you do a kick flip?


Do the communities you would represent have quality, accessible, visible skateboarding spaces?

Skateparks are a great place for people to learn and grow as themselves. The skateparks within our community have always created a welcoming atmosphere. Throughout the beginning of the summer, our team launched door knocking events in White Bear Lake at Podvin Park. There is a skatepark at this park that is well utilized. It’s not huge – there is a half-pipe and some places for grinding, including a decent-sized rail. It was wonderful to see the multi-generational skateboarders utilizing this park. I have seen parents teaching their children and older skaters taking newbies under their wing. The skating community has never been a place for diminishing people; only for picking people up when they fall. We need more places like that.

Do you see the connection between skateboarding and social, racial, gender, and economic equity? If so, please share a few thoughts.

There is absolutely a connection between skateboarding and equity in our community. It is incredible to see how this sport has grown in popularity, because it is significantly more accessible than other worldwide sports. Skateparks are in public places, therefore they can be utilized by all people no matter their social, racial, gender, or economic identity. Additionally, this sport requires less equipment and specific coaching. Instead it is an opportunity for an individual to really work on personal growth and skills in order to succeed in skateboarding. I believe that the skateboarding community creates a space free of judgment and barriers for people to learn and thrive.

How will you support youth and community health with new ideas and infrastructure?

When I am elected to the MN Senate, I will be a strong advocate for meeting the growing needs of our youth population. We are experiencing a rising mental health crises that has deeply affected teenagers. I believe in working with youth and teaching them that they are capable of leadership. I would happily collaborate with young people to develop new ideas and infrastructure to support youth and community health across our district and Minnesota.

Will you support fully funding the Minnesota Skate Park Grant Program (SF2502/HF2876) in the 2023 Legislative session and beyond?

Yes, I am a strong advocate for supporting our youth. I recognize the positive impacts and I would happily support funding the Minnesota Skate Park Grant Program.