2022 Candidate Survey

Describe your personal experience with skateboarding.

I support skaters and the skate community. I grew up around them because my brother was a skater. We had a halfpipe in the backyard and a launch ramp.

Can you do a kick flip?


Do the communities you would represent have quality, accessible, visible skateboarding spaces?

Northfield youth led a grassroots movement to have a skatepark built several years ago. It's been great to have it in my neighborhood and to see how older skaters mentor younger ones new to the community.

Do you see the connection between skateboarding and social, racial, gender, and economic equity? If so, please share a few thoughts.

Absolutely. Skating is inherently accessible and welcoming, and becoming more diverse all the time. Kids from all socioeconomic backgrounds are skateboarders - women, girls, kids of color, and trans youth are all part of a community that provides kids with a healthy activity and sense of belonging that we all need.

How will you support youth and community health with new ideas and infrastructure?

I support skateparks as an important, accessible, cost effective part of our parks system, and the inclusion of skate support in our bonding bill.

Will you support fully funding the Minnesota Skate Park Grant Program (SF2502/HF2876) in the 2023 Legislative session and beyond?

I'm not yet familiar with these bill but I support the Minnesota Skate Park Grant Program.