2022 Candidate Survey

Describe your personal experience with skateboarding.

I can ride on a skateboard without falling on my face. That's all I can do. I used to know some very good skateboarders. Skateboarding is a great fun outdoor sport and it has its own personality and culture

Can you do a kick flip?


Do the communities you would represent have quality, accessible, visible skateboarding spaces?

Not to my knowledge, no, I think we used to have one near me. but not anymore. They closed it on safety issues. I think this sport should be promoted. skateboarders can take on the risks themselves. They do this sport knowing the risks involved.

Do you see the connection between skateboarding and social, racial, gender, and economic equity? If so, please share a few thoughts.

True, skateboarding has little to no barriers to anyone who want to participate in it. I think anyone who wants to do it can do it. It might require some skills and risk taking, but anyone who wants to do it can do it.

How will you support youth and community health with new ideas and infrastructure?

I think we should have skate parks back in our community again. We might need to work with Department of Parks and Recreations to work out the plans and restore the skate parks again. I don't think the politicians sitting behind a desk know much about these sports, so we need to hear from the skateboarders about what kind of facilities or what kinds of ramps they like to skate on.

Will you support fully funding the Minnesota Skate Park Grant Program (SF2502/HF2876) in the 2023 Legislative session and beyond?

I fully support the finding of University of Southern California. We should get the youth and kids outdoors and engage in outdoor sports, that will help to get them off iPads and phones. We can definitely negotiate funding for Skate Parks, as they are cheaper to maintain and repair compared to others.