Elliot Skate Plaza Opening in August 2021

City of Skate

Quality public skateparks in our common spaces for the physical and mental health of youth and our communities.

Of all the projects I’ve worked on over the years, I think that City of Skate has been the most inspiring.

Peter Whitley, author of “The Public Skatepark Development Guide” & former Tony Hawk Foundation programs director

City of Skate is a coalition of Twin Cities skaters, parents, and allies whose mission is to design and develop innovative public skate spaces for creative expression, discovery, community, conversation, and health.

City of Skate has collaborated with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board on a comprehensive Skate Park Activity Plan for Minneapolis Parks. The MPRB Skate Park Activity Plan, calling for at least 20 skateparks and skate spaces citywide, was unanimously approved by the MPRB in January 2018.

City of Skate is working in partnership with the MPRB and other community stakeholders to:

  • Develop new skateparks suitable for skaters of all ages and abilities within spaces that create positive community spaces for all.
  • Improve existing skateparks that meet current standards, community needs, and with water management design.
  • Create opportunities to introduce more youth and communities to skateboarding.
  • Support events and programs that highlight positive skate culture.

Why Skateparks?

A well-designed skatepark provides a safe environment for equity recreation and becomes a social, active community space. If constructed properly, a good skatepark should blend into its surroundings and require little maintenance. If constructed to highest quality and standards, skateparks are a high-use, high-value community investment.

Great parks make great communities. And, here in the Twin Cities, we have some of the best parks in the nation. In fact, the Trust for Public Land currently ranks Minneapolis and St. Paul number 1 and 2 in the nation on its annual ParkScore rating system. We need World Class Skateparks to make our parks even better.

Photo: Dallas Currie